Attention Coaches & Service Providers: You don’t need to work more hours to earn a great living. But you do need to…

Discover The Secrets To Amazing Paydays, Clients You Love, And A Business That

Brings You Joy Every Day!

Stop feeling overworked and underappreciated, and start attracting the clients who will value your insight and finally pay what you’re really worth…

Sometimes, being in business for yourself kinda stinks. Sure, you get to work from home, and take long lunches or only work 3 days per week if you want (at least in theory) but you’re also fully responsible for your income.

And without a clear plan of action, that often means:

  •  Taking on clients you don’t love (nothing makes the work day longer)
  •  Working with clients who fail to follow-through (super frustrating for a motivated coach!)
  •  Settling for less than your ideal income (because the bills still have to be paid)
  • Building a J.O.B. rather than a true business.

Yuck. With all that to look forward to, it’s a wonder anyone opts for self-employment at all!

You Can Create Your Dream Business

Here’s the thing. You really can have it all.

Clients you love

A healthy bank account

A business that makes every day an adventure (and not of the “how will I pay the cable bill” kind)

But if you keep doing what you’ve always done…well, you know how that goes, right? It’s time to make a change.

It’s time to take a hard look at the kinds of clients you’re attracting (and why), take steps to get noticed (and hired) by people who will value your worth—and are wiling to pay for your expertise—and create the business you dreamed of when you were first starting out.

Sound like an impossible task? It’s not, when you realize…

Higher Rates Attract Better Clients

It sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it? But the truth is, the more you charge, the more you’ll enjoy your clients.

Of course, you can’t just go out and declare that your new rate is $297 per hour…take it or leave it.

Because they will definitely leave it—and you.

If you’ve ever tried this tactic, then you know the outcome:

Angry clients who can’t see the value in paying you more

No one knocking on your door with new business

Days, even weeks, without a single paying client


But that’s not to say you cannot raise your rates—and do so with the confidence that your business will grow as a result. You just have to do it with a solid plan in place. And that starts with…

Authentic Pricing - How to Confidently Raise Your Rates and Start Working with Fun, High-End Clients!

This easy-to-follow, 4-module course is packed with actionable steps designed to help you join the ranks of highly paid coaches who have their pick from the best clients available.

With each module focused on one specific aspect of your business, you’ll be able to quickly zero in on what’s not working for you, so you can make powerful changes in no time.

Module one kick starts the process by taking a good look at how you position yourself in the market. Don’t skip this one, because it’s the cornerstone of everything you’ll do later.

5 things you must consider before offering a special deal—miss this, and you’ll wind up feeling resentful and overworked (again!)

How a payment plan can help land a dream client—and how not to get stuck with a non-paying client.

How to turn your thinking around when it comes to pricing—get this right and you’ll never choke on your new higher pricing again.

When to cut your losses—sometimes you just have to walk away, and knowing when will save you a lot of stress.

Why it never pays to be overly pushy—and what to do instead.

The 5 warning signs of problem clients—spot them early and save yourself a lot of trouble later!

How to find out exactly what your clients are begging for—so you can charge a premium for providing it!

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Become The Go-To Coach In Your Niche

Listen, you can’t continue to operate your business the same way you always have, and expect to attain your income and lifestyle goals.

If you want to truly love your biz again, and want to enjoy each and every client you spend your time with, then you need to make changes right now. It’s not hard, but there is a definite path to take that will get you there faster.

This course is the path. It will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to realize your…

Financial freedom goals (imagine not having to work long days and even longer weeks just to pay the bills)

Lifestyle goals (vacations and time with the kids can be a reality again)

Business goals (visibility and even celebrity is totally achievable)

Text Box: BUY NOWStop setting for less, and start attaining your goals, for your business, and for your life.


I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars or get on Oprah, but I can promise you this: you will build a business you love again, with clients who sing your praises.

How much is that worth to you?

Hi, I’m Felicity